Our High Velocity Ammunition is full load, full recoil, suitable for hunting dangerous game.

The Intermediate Velocity Ammunition is recommended as a transition from the Low Recoil rounds to the full power High Velocity rounds when you are practicing for large game hunting.

Many of our customers purchase 2 boxes of the Low Recoil, and 1 box of Intermediate when they are preparing for a trip.

When spending thousands of dollars for the chance to take that first, most important shot, being confident is priceless.

CALIBERBullet WtVelocity
9.3 X 74R2862200
375 Flanged Magnum3002425
375 H&ampH3002500
375 WBY3002600
375 RUGER3002600
375 RUM3002600
378 WBY3002850
416 RIGBY4002350
416 RM4002400
416 RUGER4002250
500/416 NE4002300
416 WBY4002525
404 Jeffery4002300
458 LOTT5002150
450 NE5002100
460 WBY5002525
458 WM5002050
470 NE 5005002125
500 NE5702075
505 Gibbs5252275
500 Jeffery5702225
577 NE7502050
700 NE10002000