Our Low Recoil Practice Ammunition allows owners of safari rifles to practice as long as you want without the issue of the powerful kickback cutting your sessions short.

To make practice consistent with full power rounds, the point of impact should be the same at 50 yards as with full load rounds of the same type. So, there should be very little difference when changing to full loads.

By using low recoil rounds for practice, you can develop very strong familiarity with the rifle all the way through pulling the trigger -which is where it matters most.

Once you are well practiced with the Low Recoil rounds, it is recommended to switch to practicing with Intermediate Recoil to make the transition to the full power rounds without a huge jump in kickback that might alter your well practiced form.

Practice, Intermediate, and High Velocity Ammunition

Nyati Inc is now producing Intermediate Velocity and Full Load High Velocity rounds using the same processes as our original Low Recoil Ammunition.

Practice with the Low Recoil rounds until you feel mastery with your rifle, then use it with Intermediate power rounds for typical hunting.

When you are facing off with Dangerous Game, have our Full Load High Velocity rounds chambered.

All Calibers Showing Low Velocity Specs. Click to choose your caliber.
9.3 X 74R28671073.1130078
375 FLANGED MAGNUM30091125130077
375 H&H30081125130088
375 RUGER30081125130088
375 RUM30081125130088
375 WBY30091125130077
378 WBY30091125130077
404 JEFFERY400915001300129
416 RIGBY400915001300129
416 REMINGTON MAGNUM4008150013001410
416 RUGER4008150013001410
416 WBY400915001300129
450 NE50010187613001610
450/400 3"40091500.91300129
458 LOTT5001013431100118
458 WIN. MAG5001013431100118
460 WBY50010187613001710
470 NITRO EXPRESS50010146811501710
500 JEFFERY57010213913002312
500 NE57010213913002310
500/416 NITRO EXPRESS4001115001300107
505 GIBBS57010213913002212
577 NE6501524391300199
700 NE10002237521300329

High Velocity Ammo Comparison

375 H&H3008426425304719
375 RUGER3008471326605220
375 RUM3008507327606623
378 WBY3009569929257322
416 RUGER4008511624006322
416 RIGBY4009498823707523
458 WM50010462020405118
458 LOTT50010587223007021
470 NE50010513221507622