I just wanted to pass on to you how absolutely thrilled and pleased I am
with the 458 Lott ammo. It took a little longer for the modifications on
my CZ 550 American 458 Lott to be completed. But it arrived a couple of
weeks ago and I took it out to the range last Saturday. The low recoil
ammo performed flawlessly and really allowed me to get into my new gun
without any concerns regarding kick. At 50 yards I was able to sight it
in and the ammo held perfectly. You produce an excellent product.

I’m going to follow this email up with another order. Who would ever
believe I would be looking forward to taking a 458 Lott out just for fun.
I’m going to be heading back to Monty’s, Safari Shooting School when he
returns from Africa and I will be placing an order for that as well.
Probably the mid as well as low recoil load.

I look forward to doing business with you.

Carlton Yearwood
Motherland Safaris